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Using Regional Science to Enhance Conservation on Private Lands in the Northeast

Wildlife Conservation Society scientists will discuss how regional datasets are being used to identify conservation opportunities at the local level.

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Webinar: Lakes and Ponds Classification System

Learn how to apply The Nature Conservancy's new Northeast Lakes and Ponds Classification System for more effective conservation of aquatic ecosystems in the region.

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Webinar: Case Studies on Building Climate Change Resilience into Your Land Protection Strategies

Does your land protection strategy consider climate change? Explore case studies that show how four different conservation organizations integrated climate resilience science into their respective conservation plans in this webinar led by the Open Space Institute.

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Webinar: A Research and Decision Support Framework to Evaluate Coastal Landscape Change

Research geologist Erika Lentz presents a new U.S. Geological Survey model developed with support from the North Atlantic LCC that captures a dynamic coastal response to sea-level rise.

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Webinar: Vernal Pool Data Cooperative

Learn about a new spatial database created to help advance the conservation of vernal pool habitat in the North Atlantic region.

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Webinar: Fish Habitat Decision Support Tool

Take a tour of a new online tool designed to help resource managers identify locations in the Midwest and Northeast where actions to protect and restore habitat for fish and other aquatic organisms will have the greatest impact.

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Webinar: Piloting Landscape Conservation Design in the Connecticut River Watershed

Learn how the Designing Sustainable Landscapes Project developed a network of priority lands and waters in the Connecticut River watershed by using an innovative modeling approach to combine predictions about future landscape change with assessments of current ecological integrity for a set of key species.

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Webinar: Evaluating the effects of future climate change on wildlife

In this webinar hosted by the Conservation Biology Institute, scientists from the USDA Forest Service and the Northwest Climate Science Center shed light on the challenges of projecting the impacts of dynamic and changing conditions on wildlife.

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Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture Meeting

Members of the EBTJV will gather to review findings from the region-wide brook trout assessment, and to use the results to revise the partnership's Brook Trout Conservation Strategy.

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