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Regional Conservation Opportunity Areas

How do we ensure that species already on the brink, like the New England cottontail, saltmarsh sparrow, wood turtle, and Karner blue butterfly, will be able to find places to persist in the Northeast in the face of land-use and climate change? How do we keep more common species common in the context of these changes?

Collage of RSGCN

The Regional Conservation Opportunity Areas (RCOAs) project brings together experts from states, conservation organizations, and universities to identify places where the actions of individual agencies to support imperiled species and Species of Greatest Conservation Need, restore priority ecosystems, protect core landscapes, and promote connectivity between them, will have the greatest benefit for fish and wildlife across the region.

The result of this collaborative effort is a suite of decision-support tools and regionally consistent datasets that offer voluntary guidance for parters working at different scales in the Northeast region to identify the best opportunities to protect land and restore habitat, and to justify those actions to stakeholders and funders. 

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